Gaynor Morgan
Friday 3Some 11am UK 12pm CET
Gaynor’s Social Hour' every Wednesday 10am UK 11am CET gallery/gaynor pic Gaynor Morgan is the daughter of Manchester United Legend & Scottish International Willie Morgan. Gaynor has dabbled in the world of modeling, music - a member of the girl band 90% Angels that supported David Essex on his ‘Wonderful Tour’ and sang live with the legendary Johnny Mathis. She hosted a Sky TV program ‘the dating game’ Gaynor has a love of writing and is the author of 'The Real David Beckham' An Intimate Biography, Published in 2004 Currently she the monthly celebrity columnist for INCheshire & Prestbury Living Magazine’s ‘Gaynor’s Social Scene’ started March 2020. Gaynor has now joined the expatradio family presenting her weekly show with David Hailwood & The Friday 3Some show with Lorraine Findlay & Tracy Edwards.